Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alcohol in the war zone? I don't agree

The big debate right now is whether there should be alcohol available to the troops in the war zone. Right now they are not allowed alcohol except during the Super Bowl they could have 2 drinks.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

So this is Spring????

Well, Kansas weather strikes again. Here we are on Spring Break and it is snowing.

It was a beautiful 60 degrees and sunny yesterday. I was so excited to think we are going to get some constant sun and then I hear the weather outlook. I thought for sure the weatherman would be wrong. How was it going to be 60 degrees one hour and then snowing 5 hours later. 

Oh well. Guess we will stay in today and keep busy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Support this fallen soldiers family

I just read terribly of a young woman who has lost her husband while deployed in Iraq. Please pray for her and their family. Here is her blog:

I just cannot imagine having to go through what she is going through. It is all military spouses worst nightmare.

Cpl Jonathan Daniel Porto
March 14,010

Bowling and Siblings

Now that I changed the Blog name I am having it redesigned and have a new blog address. I am so excited to have a whole new look. It should be done soon but just not sure when.

Yesterday the kids and I went bowling with some friends. I needed to get us out of the house! With no sun out it is hard to get motivated to want to do anything. We had a great time bowling. The kids are finally at the age where they don't complain about not being the best bowler and beating mom and dad. We have a pretty competitive family and that can make for some not so fun play time. I always tell the kids just to have fun and try to beat your own score not mine. (my daughter beat me on the last game) My son just had to start betting me quarters that he would beat me in frame scores. LOL He lost $1.75 before he stopped. It was great to have him laughing and socializing with us. He is a teen you know so that means we are way uncool.

I have noticed that after our trip to NJ him and his sister seem to get along a lot better. Not sure if it is because dad is gone and he feels he needs to step up being a big brother or just the time that we were away it took them out of there everyday element. They have been spending more time together and doing lots of laughing. I make a point not to mention how great they are doing together because I know that will instantly end that. Hopefully it lasts a while because I enjoy it. Not to say that my teen doesn't still have his grumpy moments and alternating moods- that hasn't changed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mom's Birthday and St. Patty's

Today is my Mom's birthday!!  It's nothing new to say that mom's are great- everyone hears that, but my mom is so special. My life is kind of a crazy ride and she is there to slow it down and keep my feet on the ground. I am able to call her at anytime and vent, cry, smile or whatever else I am going through at that moment. She always makes a point to come visit us wherever we are stationed. We have so many great memories of all the places we have been. 


Hope you all  have a fabulous St. Patrick's Day. Don't pinch to much

Monday, March 15, 2010

Frustrating Phone Calls

Well, hubby has made it to his destination and is settling down. We purchased him a magic jack before he left so he could call us anytime through his computer. It has been working great- until he made it to Iraq. It still works and I am thankful but it is so hard to have a conversation with someone when every 3 words gets cut out of the conversation. LOL  It is quite a comical situation to hear my kids trying to talk to him because you have to repeat yourself so many times and you keep saying "what did you say".  

Internet service is not free so we are currently paying $100 a month for him to be able to chat with us. The base does offer 2 free 15 minute calls per week. But with 2 kids and me the 15 minutes would not be enough, especially with the pauses and repeating.  LOL  The internet service can get as high as $190 a month!!!  So crazy but you can't put a price tag on being able to chat with him. He can conveniently call us from his room and at anytime.  this is good!

I am so thankful for the technology we have nowadays so he can conveniently call me. I know before the wives didn't hear from there husbands for months. They only had written letters they could send and receive. No phone calls or instant messaging. I can't imagine how much stress that added to a wife's life just waiting to hear from her love. Not knowing if as she read the letters he was alive or not.

So, I will pay the internet service with a happy heart!!   :-)


Saturday, March 13, 2010

St Patty's and sleepovers

One great thing about military bases is they usually have some good support groups available. Our base has a monthly gatherings for families with deployed members. So- today we are going to be on the base float for the St. Patricks parade. This morning we need to get some green dress up and head to the parade. The base is also treating us to lunch afterwards. I look forward to these events hoping to chat with other spouses going through the same thing.  It's also nice to have a busy schedule for the kids, this way they are not bored and driving me crazy. LOL

My son had a sleepover at a friends house the other day. So my daughter and I had some fun girl time. I picked up my son around 130pm. H elooked very tired!! So we headed home and I told him I had to run to the base for a bit. He obviously didn't get much sleep so I thought maybe a nap would be good for him. Well, good golly, he didn't get up until 6am the next day. We couldn't believe how long he was sleeping. I kept checking on him and trying to wake him but to no avail. So my daughter and I ended up having an all day girl time. It was very nice. Talking to him this morning I informed him that spending the night there cost him 1 whole day afterwards. So crazy. Hopefully he learned that sleeping on a schedule is a good thing. Although- I must admit- I did this many times myself. BUT, I was not 13!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Looking for Blog Designer

With the new name I am looking for a Blog designer. If anyone knows of a really good one that is inexpensive please let me know.  I have used the free templates but now I want something where everything flows better and coordinates.  :-) 

It's day 5 of hubby being gone and it is going pretty well.  I have been leeping busy and my daughter is sleeping!  Those are 2 very good things.  

Of course I like to keep busy but I have been kind of lazy about the house cleaning. So today I am catching up on getting this house cleaned and laundry done. Tomorrow starts spring break and I definitely don't want to start the break  behind.



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodbyes part 2

We just got back from visiting NYC and New Jersey. What fun we had.  There is so much to see there and I am really bummed we didn't have more time.

 Hubby was finishing up his combat training and then he would be off to overseas. They did not allow him time when he was done with training to come home so I thought it would make a great trip for the kids and I. He had been gone for 5 weeks already so this would be a sweet treat.
The hard thing about the visit is that we already said our goodbyes and now we know that they are going to come again. The kids and I were in our "no dad" routine and were emotionally starting to grasp the deployment when we had to start all over. It was harder this time to say goodbye because of course I knew there would be no visits after this point. The deployment didn't really seem real before because we knew we would see him in 5 weeks so now the reality has set in.

Although it was terribly hard to say goodbye I am so thankful that we went. What a great time we were able to have with him before his departure. The kids have great memories to carry them through the next several months. We were taken out of our everyday element which provided them the ability to come home and not connect home with a deployment. Not sure if that makes sense but it did seem to really help that we weren't at home saying goodbye. Once we got on the plane and got home we started our "no dad"  routine again.

I haven't had my pitty party yet.  LOL  I thought I would break down the day we returned but I just didn't want to yet. I guess I was scared what a cry fest would bring upon.

On another note- I had been  thinking about changing my blog name. I really wanted something that is catchy and noticeable. My old title seemed pretty boring and dull when I see so many cute, catchy names out there in the big WWW.  Anyway, hope you like my new blog title.   :-)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Were back

We are back from our trip and I am physically exhausted and emotionally drained!! Had a great time but of course it seemed to go by so fast.

I picked up both our dogs and were very proud of them. Our little one- Cassie- stayed with a friend. She's just a small 3lb Yorkie. She was a good girl and did very well with there 3 other animals. My biggest relief came from our big dog- Copper- he is 82lb's. He stayed at a dog kennel and met some new friends. He played nice and got along with everyone. I was terribly worried about him because he isn't around a lot of people or other animals so I wasn't so sure. I did make sure to take him over there several days before dropping him off to familiarize him. He seemed very happy when we picked him up and got a grade "A" from the staff.

Well, I am off to relax for the evening before we get back on all our schedules. Will post more tomorrow.

Nighty-night!   :-)


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


 I am very excited!!  Tomorrow the kids and I get to go on a short trip and see hubby before he heads over to Iraq.   It is such a great feeling when you love someone so much. I am so thankful for our wonderful marriage and the life we have built together. Even though he will be away for 7 more months I know that we can make it through. I always tell him that it would be so much easier if I didn't love him so much. LOL 

So today is filled with packing, laundry and the before trip chaos. Of course I am on a good high today but I know when we say our goodbyes (again) in a few days that I will be a Debby Downer!  I will have my pitty party with a glass of wine and then it will be time to move forward and be strong. It's always easier said than done but at least I am trying to get in the mindset of what is to come.  

The sun is shining and even though it is very cold I can still feel the slight warmth the sun is bringing. I absolutely love the sunshine and bright days! I feel like I can do so much more today than recent days. So- here's to sunshine   :-) 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Quotable Quotes

"A true soldier doesn't fight because he hates what's in front of him, but because he loves what's behind him."

GK Chesterton 

I read that quote yesterday and it really stuck to me so I wanted to share it.